Getting ready for baby J!!

Still not in our house yet which makes getting the nursery ready extremely difficult!!! However im moving forward! If you know my Mom you know she is the best mom ever!!! She is so crafty! she is making Joslyn's crib bedding.Thats what the pink damask fabric and the one with the stripes and some other coordinating fabric will be. and the beige/cream fabric is (and it was 50% off at JoAnns Score!!!) what i chose to rehapoulster the beautiful rocking chair that my cute sister-in-law Jenny gave me its a glider kinda looks like a wing-backed chair its so perfect and basically band new. the only thing is that its brown and blue i need it to be white and cream. I'll post pics asap! I so wish i would have let my mom teach me to sew she offered so many time i always said no now i'm regreting it so much! i have been doing other crafts too like the rose ball but there will be so much more to come!! cant wait till we get to move in EEK!!


  1. im SOOOOOOOOO excited for her arrival!!!!! yayyy! & i am loving that fabric!!! so dang cute, your mom is seriously so creative!!!

  2. Me too! The fabric and flower ball are sooo cute! Kays and christine, we really do need to start up a craft night! What is the website again for making the banners and the side pictures?