I need to brag for a minute!

I cant stand it anymore there are two very lucky girls in our house! Our Daddy deserves some recognition! I swear my husband is a machine i don't know how he does everything! he works full time goes to school full time and has time to bath the baby and tuck her in bed! Todd kisses me goodbye at 5:30am and then we don't see him again till 8 or 9:30! then when he does finally get home he scoops up Joslyn and has her doing her cutest little giggle with in 5 minutes! I especially love him the nights when he has been gone all day and i have been home just taking care of J and I absolutely had it with her and I need a break he takes her and gets her ready for bed with out the slightest complaint! On saturdays which is his only day off from everything he watches Joslyn for 8 hours while I am at work! I'm pretty sure that is Joslyn's favorite day of the week, she LOVES her daddy! He is our super hero and we love him so much! he even goes to sushi restaurants with me even though he finds them repulsive! I don't know how I got so lucky to bag an amazing guy like Todd! He is the best hubby and daddy anyone could ask for and we are very blessed! okay i can stop bragging now. :)