Mother's day-Baby shower

I adore my mom I hope that one day I can be half the mom for my kids that she has been for me! She is hands down my best friend if I go a day with out talking to her its a weird day! She has done so much for me and my siblings there is no way I could ever repay her. I'm so glad my baby will have this super grandma she has already spoiled her rotten! she threw me this beautiful shower this weekend she worked her guts out and i love her soooo much!! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
My mother-in-law is such an awesome lady i honestly couldnt have picked a better family to marry into! She raised 4 boys and can I just say they are such gentlemen and sweet well behaved guys. I have no idea how she did it! Hopefully she will give me lots of parenting advice so my kidlets can be as awesome as hers! Little Joslyn has the best Mimi and Grandma ever! such a lucky girl!
My god-mother Diane and I at the shower!
My BFF Whitney or (poss) hate standing next to her like this! she is so stinking skinnny!
Desirea and I, Love this girl
I got so many cute outfits and dresses for Joslyn! Can't wait to play dress up!
This blanket is super special Cindy's grandmother made this for me before she passed away in February, she told Cindy to give it to me for Joslyn's blessing! its so special from her Great-Great Grandma Sadie
coconut "its a Girl" cupcakes my mom made from scratch YUM!
My mom went to so much work putting all of this together it was so much fun I loved every second of it!!!


Spring/ Our new home!

I'm huge! and this was a week ago I doubt I'll be posting a ton more pics. not pleased with what's happening with my body!
Here is the spring wreath I made. I think it says "Hey neighbors we are pretty cool you should come get to know us!" Well thats what i was aiming for. It's so nice being in our own place we are loving it! we are with out a couch and a bunch of other furnishings I'll post pics whne we get more settled!
We are starting to paint the baby's room I promise it will be much cuter than this. Here are some before pics!
Todd's birthday dinner at CPK! I love all of his friends, they make everything super fun!
Happy Birthday Babe! Cant believe he is 24!
Todd throwing Tage into the pool in st george that kid is a dare devil!
The grandkids (except Joslyn of course) with Mimi and Papi after the big easter egg hunt.
after hiding the easter eggs in the yard