Happy Love day! XOXO

This will make do for our Valentine card!
I took some pics of J this morning in my kitchen ha I think they turned out pretty cute! We this this smiley girl!!!
Todd and Joslyn are the people i love most in this world! having a place to go is home have people to love is family! we have the best family on both sides! We are very lucky! since its valentines i wanted to share! Jossie has the best grandparents, Aunts, uncles,and cousins EVER!!!
I took this and sent it Todd cause he does NOT love twilight!I am mildly obsessed. So he got a good laugh about it I hope you do too!


Day just for Valentine's

Definition of valentine- A person to whom one sends such a card or whom one asks to be one's sweetheart.
Interesting right? Ill give todd a Valentine this year asking him to be my valentine forever! If I don't get one in return heads are gonna roll! :)
So I decorated my kitchen table for the holiday and thats all ha I was just too lazy!
This picture frame sat on the mantle at my parents house when I was growing up. it used to be gold and there was a picture of my Grandpa McCaul whom passed away before I was born. So now when i look at it in my house that memory comes back to me. I love items that have family sentiment! thanks for letting me have this frame Mom!
picture frame with scrapbook paper in it then I wrote on it in my wanna be cursive!
ugh this is her new thing she sits in her high chair a lot and just plays so I put toys on her tray and she freaks out and slaps and pushes the toys till the fall on the floor. She isn't happy unless all the toys are on the ground. then she whines cause all of her toys are gone. She is just in that stage! grrr


I'm so cheesy

I love this song from phantom of the opera! it helps that the whole musical is about a girl named Christine!I have this weird thing that I love when I hear people say my name. ha when I heard this song I couldnt help think of my wonderful husband Todd and how much I love this guy, how lucky I am that I bagged such a wonderful ma ! I don't want people to start gagging so I'll stop with the mushy stuff. :)
If we had a traditional wedding the lyrics of "all I ask of you" would be great vows! so I used my fav website Picnik(which is closing in April WTH) to add the lyrics to the lovely picture taken by blush photography. My dear Todd is away on business in Philly so I'm missing him! its so true that absence makes the heart grow fonder :)


that smile melts my heart of stone

Let the disney obsession begin! today Jossie got her first disney classics! I cant wait till she is old enough to go to disney land! she was smiling really cute until I blinded her with the flash ha
There is an interesting story behind this pic after changing a poopy diaper I rolled it up and set it by the door so I would take it to the trash but before doing so I called my mom just to chat then like 5 minuets later the my horror I look over and J and had the diaper torn open and in her hands all over her mouth and rubbed in my carpet! ew even though i was mad I snapped a pic cause I knew I would laugh later!
wearing Todd's glasses cause I think I'm funny. I recently got some Mac lipstick and I wear it almost daily! I am in love with it and it stays on all day! I also rock the top knot or "mom hair" cause I'm way too lazy to do anything else with it!
My babe will be 8 months on the 18th! what?? I feel like I just brought her home from the hospital! I cant even believe how much I love being a mommy. Its hard not to love my sweet happy smiley girl! We are so lucky to have her as a daughter!