My Baby is Huge!

I have decided its time to finally update my pathetic excuse for a blog! Yesterday my sweet Joslyn turned 6 month old! I cant believe it! She is 1/2 a year old i feel like we had her just last week!! Joss is such a daddy's girl she thinks everything he does is hilarious! she is the sweetest baby i have ever dealt with! She hardly ever cries, she is constantly smiling. However at the moment she is either teething or just getting sick. She has always fussy her nose is like a river and my perfect angel used to sleep through the night but n
ow its waking up ever half hour. Last night Todd an
I agreed it was the longest night of our lives! she slept between us we both were half way off our queen bed. We were both scared we would roll over on her. Anyway we all survived and i think she is feeling better she is napping and I'm exhausted! Welcome to mommy hood!
I wish she would stay little it makes me sad they grow so fast!!