Almost Done!!!!

I'm still on my crafty kick! I made these cute Binky Clips. They were so easy I just used ribbon, suspender clips, velcro and permanent fabric glue. so ridiculously easy and these are pretty pricy if buy them from a baby boutique i bet they were like a dollar each at the most! The blue and the gray ones are for my cute friend Kaysi (due any day) i love these i was proud of myself. many more crafts to come!!! Oh isn't is so beautiful?! Do you see that little sign in the top right window? its says SOLD! yup we are so big we bought a house! its almost done all that is left is carpet which goes in tomorrow, and then just the grass. we are so excited we get to move in the last weekend of the month! Then i can start on our babies nursery!!! eek cant wait start getting excited to see all the pics! alright its crunch time I have less than ten weeks to get ready for Joslyn's arrival! this pic was a week ago so I'm 30.5 weeks now. I'm not going to lie I have actually really enjoyed being pregnant. I didn't have much morning sickness. I think its safe to say i have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Although I do really miss sleeping on my stomach! ha I love feeling her wiggle and kick i even like being kicked in the ribs! ha I already love this little girl so much I cant wait to meet her she is so spoiled by her grandmas already. Todd will be the cutest daddy. He gets so excited when we see little tiny baby dresses he says " aw Babe look how cute!!" . ha gotta love him I'm sure he will train her to be a daddy's girl.


  1. oh my HECk todd is going to be the cutest daddy!!! nick is already talking about having another baby in a YEAR!!! im like whoaaaa buddy!!! hahaa. he wants a little girl so bad!!! hes so jealous you guys are having one!!! he wants his little daddy's girl!!! i just cant wait to meet baby j!! she is going to be the CUTEST little girl in the world!! i love her so much already!!! haha.

    and your house looks amazing!!!! i LOVE the colors!! i totally cant wait till you guys move in, we will totally help you!!!!

  2. I love love love the clips and the house. The house looks amazing and I can't wait to see it in a few weeks! Please let Bret and I know what we can do to help. I can't believe you and kays are so close to having your little ones, I am so excited for you both! I am still so serious about this craft night, when is it going down?

  3. Again you are the cutest prego lady ever. end of story