Our House!

This is our super cute Townhouse! Almost completed they told us we should be able to move in the end of April. It's in Riverton such a cute neighborhood! we went to the ward today for the first time we already feel at home there! I'm pretty sure its going to be a gated community so thats really fancy! Since we are moving in the end of April and the baby is coming the middle of june, Todd and I are going to be working like crazy people trying to get everything set up before our princess arrives. I think I'm already in the "nesting" stage of my pregnancy so not being able to get anything decorated and all figured out and organized is driving me NUTS!!! I still cant believe that we get to live in such a nice place! Since furnishing your home is so crazy expensive i am so into repurposing old dingy furniture if anyone knows and good websites or blogs that have good tutorials let me in on it! :) More pics to come


the CRUISE!!!!

i just love Tay in the background! the highlight of my trip.. the tinted face sunscreen hahahahah in the Taxi on our way to basically our private beach! the nasty dragons that were waiting for us as soon as we got off the boat in St. Thomas.. yuck! All the Allen boys! eating yummy burgers on the boat!! the beautiful beach and our boat in he background I'm trying to hide my belly behind Todd Tay, Todd and T.j. doing some yoga on the beach! some crazy lady doing yoga on the beach. it was so awkward to watch ha Todd getting sassy playing some beach volleyball! i could not participate so i was playing photographer! fist day of our cruise if it looks like we just woke up its cause we did! ha we were ready for the beach in Princess Cayes!!!