My Baby is Huge!

I have decided its time to finally update my pathetic excuse for a blog! Yesterday my sweet Joslyn turned 6 month old! I cant believe it! She is 1/2 a year old i feel like we had her just last week!! Joss is such a daddy's girl she thinks everything he does is hilarious! she is the sweetest baby i have ever dealt with! She hardly ever cries, she is constantly smiling. However at the moment she is either teething or just getting sick. She has always fussy her nose is like a river and my perfect angel used to sleep through the night but n
ow its waking up ever half hour. Last night Todd an
I agreed it was the longest night of our lives! she slept between us we both were half way off our queen bed. We were both scared we would roll over on her. Anyway we all survived and i think she is feeling better she is napping and I'm exhausted! Welcome to mommy hood!
I wish she would stay little it makes me sad they grow so fast!!


Big Joslyn post!!

Joslyn Claire Allen
june 18, 2011
6 pounds 10 ounces
19 inches long
my cute dad Reid holding her on fathers day!
she always has her hands up by her face
first dirty diaper!!
all strapped in ready to leave the hospital!
sucking the bottle so hard Todd didnt need to hold it
I love my snuggly baby
went to check on Todd in the middle of the night to find them like this ha like father like daughter
sometimes she knocks her head bands
aw so sweet always smiling in her sleep
my cute mom Claire who we decided to name her after i love taking Joss to manti!
she already tries to roll over!! she almost does it! her dang arms get in the way
looks so small in her car seat
little J is one month old!!!!
my sister Kim got her to smile for the first time! so glad i got it with my camera
she is growing up way too fast she isnt my little newborn any more :(
she is so dramatic :)
snuggling with her little giraffe her Mimi ( grandma Allen) gave her
Her boyfriend Kruz! my friend Kaysi's little boy they already love each other his arm around and her hand on his leg! we have to watch them close he already tries to rip her clothes off right after this pick he pulled her bow off haha
we love our little girl cant get enough of her!


we love our baby girl

Joslyn Claire Allen
She was born June 18, 2011 She weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19 inches long
we are so in love with our precious girl she has become our world. its crazy how you can fall in love with someone so fast! i have so many fun pictures from when she was born ill do another post but i seriously don't have the patience to wait for blogger to post all of them.
We are so blessed she was born healthy however she was "tongue tied" which means her tongue is too short so she doesn't suck correctly so she couldn't nurse the doctor had to clip the skin underneath he tongue Todd and I watched it was so sad! but she sucks better now but has to be bottle fed so i pump and put the milk in a bottle for her. she sleeps pretty good she usually wakes up to eat and thats all she is so strong already she lifts her head up when you are burping her and stares at your face like she is trying to figure you out. Joslyn loves her daddy he can always calm her down and put her to sleep, he is so cute with her makes my heart melt we love our sweet baby so much and i know i have way too much fun dressing her and putting headbands in her. stay tuned better posts to come!!!


The nursery is finally done!!!!!!!!

This wall stencil was almost the death of us all it was so much more work than we anticipated! I'm so glad we had good friends and family to come to the rescue! Todd and I might have killed each other if we had to do it alone! thanks Trav and Chad!!!
However the finished project looks awesome if I do say so myself!! Its finally done!! now all we need it a baby to put in it!!!! such a cute room!
I LOVE the crib bedding my mom made for me! its perfect its exactly what I imagined! I have said it before but my mom is sort of amazing! I so wish I could sew!
here is a better look at the bedding. My mom makes all kinds of custom baby stuff. Crib bedding, Quilts, Minky blankets, baby hats, baby shoes!sje also made the pillow. this lady can do it all! check out her Etsy store
Lavish Loveables!
I dunno why im not smart enough to figure out how to rotate this pic but this is the rocking chair my sister-in-law Jenny gave me! its so pretty we had it rehapoustered and my handy Hubby Todd sprayed it white! ( the fumes were crazy i couldnt help him) darn hahaha
the shelf was made by my brother-in-law Josh forever ago when i was little amd it hung in my room for years now im passing it down to Joslyn. this room is full of family heirlooms!
Our sweet babies name! i mod podged coordinating scrapbook paper over the wooden letters.
my daughter is spoiled rotten with all of her stuff! she has more outfits than todd and I combined!
THis is the car seat cover my mom and I made. When I say my mom ans I made it i mean my mom made it and i sat by her and watched! ha it turned out so cute!
And its reversible!!


Mother's day-Baby shower

I adore my mom I hope that one day I can be half the mom for my kids that she has been for me! She is hands down my best friend if I go a day with out talking to her its a weird day! She has done so much for me and my siblings there is no way I could ever repay her. I'm so glad my baby will have this super grandma she has already spoiled her rotten! she threw me this beautiful shower this weekend she worked her guts out and i love her soooo much!! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
My mother-in-law is such an awesome lady i honestly couldnt have picked a better family to marry into! She raised 4 boys and can I just say they are such gentlemen and sweet well behaved guys. I have no idea how she did it! Hopefully she will give me lots of parenting advice so my kidlets can be as awesome as hers! Little Joslyn has the best Mimi and Grandma ever! such a lucky girl!
My god-mother Diane and I at the shower!
My BFF Whitney or (poss) hate standing next to her like this! she is so stinking skinnny!
Desirea and I, Love this girl
I got so many cute outfits and dresses for Joslyn! Can't wait to play dress up!
This blanket is super special Cindy's grandmother made this for me before she passed away in February, she told Cindy to give it to me for Joslyn's blessing! its so special from her Great-Great Grandma Sadie
coconut "its a Girl" cupcakes my mom made from scratch YUM!
My mom went to so much work putting all of this together it was so much fun I loved every second of it!!!