The nursery is finally done!!!!!!!!

This wall stencil was almost the death of us all it was so much more work than we anticipated! I'm so glad we had good friends and family to come to the rescue! Todd and I might have killed each other if we had to do it alone! thanks Trav and Chad!!!
However the finished project looks awesome if I do say so myself!! Its finally done!! now all we need it a baby to put in it!!!! such a cute room!
I LOVE the crib bedding my mom made for me! its perfect its exactly what I imagined! I have said it before but my mom is sort of amazing! I so wish I could sew!
here is a better look at the bedding. My mom makes all kinds of custom baby stuff. Crib bedding, Quilts, Minky blankets, baby hats, baby shoes!sje also made the pillow. this lady can do it all! check out her Etsy store
Lavish Loveables!
I dunno why im not smart enough to figure out how to rotate this pic but this is the rocking chair my sister-in-law Jenny gave me! its so pretty we had it rehapoustered and my handy Hubby Todd sprayed it white! ( the fumes were crazy i couldnt help him) darn hahaha
the shelf was made by my brother-in-law Josh forever ago when i was little amd it hung in my room for years now im passing it down to Joslyn. this room is full of family heirlooms!
Our sweet babies name! i mod podged coordinating scrapbook paper over the wooden letters.
my daughter is spoiled rotten with all of her stuff! she has more outfits than todd and I combined!
THis is the car seat cover my mom and I made. When I say my mom ans I made it i mean my mom made it and i sat by her and watched! ha it turned out so cute!
And its reversible!!


  1. OMG!!!! i love love loveeeeeee the nursery!! thats it im coming over this week!! i have to see it in person!!!!

  2. You did such a good job on the nursery. I love it. It's crazy. I picked some of the same bedding material for the twins. In browns, greens and blues. I can't believe how soon your due. Jordan and I are excited for you guys. :)

  3. This is soo cute Christine! Lucky baby girl!