Big Joslyn post!!

Joslyn Claire Allen
june 18, 2011
6 pounds 10 ounces
19 inches long
my cute dad Reid holding her on fathers day!
she always has her hands up by her face
first dirty diaper!!
all strapped in ready to leave the hospital!
sucking the bottle so hard Todd didnt need to hold it
I love my snuggly baby
went to check on Todd in the middle of the night to find them like this ha like father like daughter
sometimes she knocks her head bands
aw so sweet always smiling in her sleep
my cute mom Claire who we decided to name her after i love taking Joss to manti!
she already tries to roll over!! she almost does it! her dang arms get in the way
looks so small in her car seat
little J is one month old!!!!
my sister Kim got her to smile for the first time! so glad i got it with my camera
she is growing up way too fast she isnt my little newborn any more :(
she is so dramatic :)
snuggling with her little giraffe her Mimi ( grandma Allen) gave her
Her boyfriend Kruz! my friend Kaysi's little boy they already love each other his arm around and her hand on his leg! we have to watch them close he already tries to rip her clothes off right after this pick he pulled her bow off haha
we love our little girl cant get enough of her!

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  1. its about dang time!! haha jk, but i LOVE this post!! she is the sweetest little girl ever!! & that is hilarious about kruz, he was totally going for her onesie but ended up with her headband instead!! we better watch out!! ive already got to control my kids hormones!!! hahaha.