This frame was sitting on the counter waiting for Todd when he got home from work. I woke up that morning and realized I was late to i decided to take a test i did it came up positive i didnt believe it so I ran to the store and bought the ones that say in words pregnant or not pregnant. it came up pregnant almost immediately! I was so excited! Then i thought of Todd we werent planning on this quite yet Todd still has tons of school left. thats why i didnt call him and tell him right then i just left it there for him to see when i was at work so if he was upset I wasnt there hahah. but i got a text from him when he got home that said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" i called him he wasnt upset at all he was just as excited as i was we cant wait for our little one to get here!


  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! love you two!!

  2. WTF! DUH!!! I can't believe you are pregnant to and you didn't tell me when I told you! I am so happy for you! Are you sick yet? Being sick sucks! Well I love you! CONGRATS!