Its a girl!!!!!

I still cant really believe it!! We are having a baby girl! I thought there was no way in a million years that we would ever get a girl especially on the first try! Todds comes from a family with 4 boys no girls Todds Maternal grandma has 12 grandsons no granddaughters. when we went to fetal photo i was 100% sure they would tell us it was a boy but when the doc said "its a girl" i asked him 40 times "are you sure, check again." and " so your telling me at this point there is no way she will sprout a weiner?" he assured me every time i asked that she would stay a girl so we are so over the moon excited to have a little princess!! she will be here June 19th! i can feel her kicking all the time its so dang cute i cant wait 20 more weeks for her to get here. Todd will be the cutest daddy!

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  1. hahaha you WOULD ask that question!! i love this i cant wait to see this little princess!!!!!!!!!