I thought i would finally update my blog its only been 8 months! My cute friend Kaysi showed me a few things about blogging ill post more i promise! I'm so happy its finally summer!!! Todd and I have been married for 8 months now it has gone by really fast! We just moved into a cute apartment in Draper we really like it, its so close to my work! Im a hair stylist at Falling Waters day spa its located inside the Treehouse its really nice I'm just starting to build a clientele I love all the people i work with. Todd is doing good! no more trips to the emergency room and no more emergency eye surgery, beside me getting a bunch of kidney infections we have both been really healthy! I will start being better with taking pictures so u can all see what we have been up to i know u all have been absolutely dying to see! haha


  1. heckkkkk yeah!!! :) love your blog & cant wait for all of your updates!!!
    ps. st jorge & manti are going to be so fun!!!

  2. oh my i miss you! so glad you're doing so good:)