that smile melts my heart of stone

Let the disney obsession begin! today Jossie got her first disney classics! I cant wait till she is old enough to go to disney land! she was smiling really cute until I blinded her with the flash ha
There is an interesting story behind this pic after changing a poopy diaper I rolled it up and set it by the door so I would take it to the trash but before doing so I called my mom just to chat then like 5 minuets later the my horror I look over and J and had the diaper torn open and in her hands all over her mouth and rubbed in my carpet! ew even though i was mad I snapped a pic cause I knew I would laugh later!
wearing Todd's glasses cause I think I'm funny. I recently got some Mac lipstick and I wear it almost daily! I am in love with it and it stays on all day! I also rock the top knot or "mom hair" cause I'm way too lazy to do anything else with it!
My babe will be 8 months on the 18th! what?? I feel like I just brought her home from the hospital! I cant even believe how much I love being a mommy. Its hard not to love my sweet happy smiley girl! We are so lucky to have her as a daughter!

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