Joslyn's first Easter!

All of her little cousins woke up bright and early so excited that the Eatser bunny came. then there was an easter egg hunt in the front yard we set Joss on the grass hoping she would crawl around and find the eggs that were on the grass but nope she didnt wanna even tough the grass! So her sweet cousins helped her and brought her some Easter eggs to put in her bucket! Joslyn's first Easter was a total success!
We got little Jitter-bug all ready for church in her Easter dress her Mimi got her! the shoes were from us we found them at H&M you can't tell in this pic but her feet are so chubby she has muffin top coming out of her shoes!
how cute is her little hat? it was perfect for keeping the sun off her face and body! Can I just tell you how much of a toe-head she is? I mean she really didn't have a chance having Todd and I as parents, but her hair was catching the sun and looked golden it was so pretty!
This was her first time in the St. George pool since she was 3 weeks old! she wasnt so sure about it. We sat her in this little turtle floaty thing she kept reaching for us but by the end she was loving it!
I love this little Chubba chub! she was dancing with her cute cousin Tage! I am obsessed with this little swimsuit! found that at H&M!
This is my amazing Allen family! love them so much I married in to a great family all we do together is laugh! This is at their beautiful home is st. george! the kids love spending the entire weekend in the pool!please nothice my body in this pic its a post baby body and Todd and I have vowed to get shredded before our trip to newport in August. I dont want to lose any weight just tone up. stay tuned for before and after pics! We do P90X2 every night!! Little Jossie on the way to st. george for easter weekend she is pretty good in the car these days and we are so thankful cause we are normally trying not to rip our hair out!
Todd got a new car! when i say new I mean it! its a 2012 nissan Altima! leather seats, navigation, sun roof tha works! I'm so jealous he gets to drive it! but he deserves it he works so hard!
I love when I find them like this! melts my heart!


  1. Post baby body? Please! You are tiny and look UH-MAZING. That little swimsuite Joslyn is wearing is the cutest. Glad you had a good Easter!

  2. Christine, you look amazing!! you have to tell us what your doing!! I need to start doing something, so seriously what are you guys doing?!?! =)

    Love the car, its so fun to get a new car!!! Its beautiful!!

    Jossie looks adorable with her little dress!! This blog makes me want to update mine...mmm maybe tonight!=)